A Unique Indoor Delight!

Saint John offers lots of green space to explore but it also offers unique indoor shopping experience. For those visiting Saint John, one of the most important indoor spaces is the City Market.

The Saint John City Market is Canada’s oldest, continuous city market. It has been operating since 1876. The unique structure is a full city block in length, extending from Charlotte Street at the ‘head of the market’ down to Germain Street at the ‘foot of the market’. The city’s rich shipbuilding heritage is reflected in the support beams of the roof of the City Market. Local architects John T.C. McKean and G. Ernest Fairweather when designing the building, created the support beams to resemble the inverted keel of a ship, right down to the hand-hewn timbers and dove-tailed joints.

The City Market has withstood the Great Fire of 1877, which destroyed most of the structures around it, and the City of Saint John’s urban renewal plans. The iron gates at its entrances have been in place since 1880.

Open year round, the City Market offers a traditional ‘farmers market’ as well as restaurants, food stalls, specialty cheeses and items from local artisans. Come out and enjoy the aroma of an indoor market with an outdoor feel.

The City Market also provides a convenient underground pedway leading to Brunswick Square to the delight of shoppers and local employees who use it on stormy days.
The uptown district is dotted with lots of specialty shops. From Pristine, an urban lifestyle fashion boutique and skate board accessory shop, to Handworks a shop supporting and showcasing local artisans’ fine art, crafts and jewelry for the past 25 years.