Pre and Post Event Dining Experiences

Saint John offers many dining experiences
Restaurants saint johnfrom those looking for a quick bite before one of the numerous theatre and musical venues in the city, to a fine dining experience post event.

If you’re looking for a more leisurely meal, you easily find that within a short distance from any of the many events in and around Saint John. Both the Mediterranean (Rothesay Ave.) and Vito’s with its three locations (uptown, Rothesay Ave. and Rothesay) are great choices for pre event dining.

Lily’s Lakeside Casual Dining also offers a great menu selection for a bite to eat before a performance or game. Big Tide Brewing Company in Saint John’s historic uptown is the obvious choice for pub food and handcrafted beer, and is open late for post event dining. Vegas Bar and Grill also offers late night dining in a relaxed atmosphere.

Tandi’s on Canterbury St. and Churchills on Grannan St., as well as other restaurants on Prince William and Princess Streets, offer extended hours for pre and post-event dining, and their uptown location make them very convenient for venues like the Imperial Theatre,

Harbour Station and BMO Studio Theatre. So, whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat, some casual dining or a late-night fine dining experience, Saint John has something to fit every taste and budget. Oh, and while not a restaurant, if you’re looking for a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy a pre or post event drink, don’t forget our newest addition, Saint John’s first whiskey bar, ‘Hopscotch Whiskey Bar’ on Canterbury Street next door to Tandi’s, just opened its doors.

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