Wine & Beer

There are several wineries in our region that offer exceptionally good wines and almost all of them offer wine tours and tastings in season. Places like Dunhams Run Estate Winery, located in a beautiful setting on the Saint John River at 35 Gorhams Bluff Road on the Kingston Peninsula, offer handcrafted premium wines made from their own organically grown grapes. Also, Gillis of Belleisle Winery at 1826 Route 124, Springfield, is a national awarding winery.  If you are interested in following New Brunswick’s winery route, check out this link www.nbliquor.com/documents/win-eryroutebrochure.pdf. Check out the events listings for more wine related venues and don’t forget February 2015 is ‘wine’ month in New Brunswick!

Did you know that Saint John is home to Canada’s oldest independent brewery? Moosehead Brewery first opened its doors in 1867 and so started the craft beer industry. While there are several microbreweries in the province, Big Tide Brewing Company is Saint John’s only brew-pub. They have been brewing hand-crafted, all natural ales and lagers on-site since 2009. Located in the heart of the historic district (47 Prin-cess Street) they have a high quality food menu that reflects, and per-fectly complements the flavours of their beers. Big Tide has chosen to name their beers in celebration of the region’s heritage and culture.  Names like Fogbound Hemp Pale, Seaworthy IPA, Confedera-tion Cream Ale, Celtic Mist Irish Red Ale, Benedict Arnold Extra Special Bitter, and Sandpiper Pilsner are just a few you will find on-tap at the Big Tide Brewing Company. You can check out their com-plete brewing selection at www.bigtidebrew.com/content/241726. Come out and raise a few!

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